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The universities have conducted a study on the economy and sport, including a chapter on the popularity of Formula One Cars.The study indicates that during the offseason the most-named driver was Michael Schumacher. This is not a surprise, as the return of the driver with the biggest charts in history has been commented.

Fernando Alonso, who has joined Ferrari, is riding behind the seven-time world champion. With his success in Bahrain, he could even top the rankings.

  • In many countries, interest in F1 is increasing. In Brazil, there is a 94.4% increase in the number of people interested in the championship. The injury of Felipe Massa and his successful return are for many.
  • In Spain, the rise is 64.1%, thanks to the passage of Fernando Alonso from Renault to Ferrari, as well as the arrival of Jaime Alguersuari and the return of Pedro de la Rosa. In Germany, Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg and Mercedes GP are up 37%.
  • In Italy, however, the year 2009 showed a drop in interest of 18%, which is mainly explained by the difficulties of Ferrari.

Television audiences are on the rise in many countries. In France, the Bahraini GP has collected an average of 4.8 million viewers, with a peak of 5.8 million. Last year, European races attracted between 2.9 and 3.6 million viewers. JaguarĀ  Contract Hire

For Germany, Reuters announced that an average of 10.5 million viewers saw the race, with an audience share of nearly 50%. This share was 45% in Spain. And in the native region of Alonso, Asturias, 77% of viewers watched the Grand Prix!

The Res ults

The results were unveiled Friday at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix with the participation of Peter Bayer, General Secretary of Motorsport at the International Automobile Federation.

More than 19 million data covering all aspects of F1 have been analyzed, including demographic information, F1 fans’ attitudes towards racing, teams and drivers, and their tracking habits. discipline, on the spot as well as at a distance. Audi A5 Used Cars

It was a phenomenal research exercise, conducted in less than 12 weeks, to gather invaluable data on what fans around the world think of our sport,” said Motorsport Network President Zak Brown.

This information will serve to advance F1 in the future, and we must thank the fans for giving us their valuable feedback.

F1 is entering an era of major news this year with the introduction of new technical regulations and the takeover of F1 by American media giant Liberty Media.

The results

The results of the World Motorsport Network Fan Survey indicate that fans are satisfied with the direction taken by F1. Compared to the 2015 results, we note a rise of 44% of fans who consider F1 as “the premier category of motor sport”. There is also a 43% increase in fans who consider F1 drivers to be “the best in the world”.